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Dominoe Farris

I was named Dominoe from the get-go by my mother Caprice. We grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles amongst the ancient antiques, paintings, and art books  that my mother so avidly collected. A typical child of divorced parents, I was often split between the Valley and Marina Del Rey where my father, Robert Gilbert, was busy building a wooden sailboat. A true renaissance man and reformed Flower Child of the 60’s, he had the rare gift of spinning his dreams up like spiders.
I really had no other choice but to become an artist. At an inappropriately young age, my father often took me to parties and an assortment of strange places, which I was drawn to and connected with. At some point, I acquired a camera so that I could begin to capture this rare world from my very own vantage point; and I never stopped shooting. 
I currently live on the East Side in LA, where I have managed to surround myself with the creme de la creme of humans that influence and inspire me daily. They also make incredible subjects for my camera. Not just bound by photography, I also incorporate my other passions into my work: painting, drawings, crafting, graphic design, and writing.  
For more information regarding my work or to order prints, please contact me at and feel free to follow my instagram @dominoefarris

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