The Light Society - Ch 12





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Chapter 12 - New Heart Beat


The gift is crystal vision, the power to see as an action rather than a reaction, the precise arrangement of the colors in every moment, which dictate what will take place in that moment. Oracular technology is based on cognitive awareness levels and sensitivity. If you see the ingredients in an occurrence then you can predict it. What is the difference between prediction and prophecy? 

If I show a little more flesh the color of flesh will completely rearrange the composition of emotion, especially the colors of sex, similarly if you reveal your sex color to me our thought patterns will be accelerated with the increased pulsation from the heart frequency, simply by revealing the colors of our sex. 

What about an illusion, a passing optical phase that is and is not, that dances between reality and reflection. 

I caught the truth for a moment as you were singing said Red to the white queen. 

I’ll be green and you be yellow and together I believe blue is what we shall drink and love is what we shall think


Everything is a rainbow, said violet

White and Red were candles burning giving light to the feast. Green poured the new drink into Yellow’s glass and she wet her lips as the wind caressed the orange flames. 

Blue I would like to have you naked on the table and taste your openness, said Orange

Your tender meat is also on my mind, said Indigo. The plumb full ripe between your limbs calls to my mouth, it summons me. 

The blueberry, said Orange

Its most definitely a plumb, said Blue

Heaven is the fulfillment of a dream, said White. Black will teach you of the obstacle and that it is not real, unless you wish it. 

Blue pulled back her blue robe and prepared a space for her body on the table. 

Let the sun into your skin, said White, now standing at the head of the table, hands touching her feet, her words leaving her lips like leaves when they leave the trees taking the aerial leap between her legs exciting the open thighs. “Be worthy of your desire, she said. 

The sun passed beyond a cloud and went full into her skin, her body was crystal and her center was exposed to the orange fire. Orange moved between White’s hands and covered her iridescence with her tongue. Blue gave her song to the wind while the spectrum, enchanted began to taste her from all sides. Blue was being bathed in the spectrum of tongues, her blue eyes closed climaxing repeatedly under the blanketing sun beams. As she gasped Red put his fingers into her mouth and grasped her beating tongue as if it were the very tentacle of her soul. Her undulating heart wildly pumped its bliss throughout and she screamed: I have infinity inside me!”

Just as Blue’s screaming became a whimper she let her breath go out with the final kiss from Orange’s mouth floundering between the sea rocks. 

Suddenly a shade passed over the sun and black could be seen on the balcony his robe flickering against the golden sphere in ecliptic pulses tempting the day into night, twilight. 

“To the river to be free of all this horrible pleasure, in the bones and veins, the arteries. Consider an artery and the source of its rivering without destination. 

Green obeyed and found himself alone swimming circles against the current in a shallow river his feet opening up the ground. Alone in a dream he decided to pleasure himself watching a dragonfly and a white butterfly play up on the water as impossible lovers.

Black was his only witness. “You ever focus on the light as it passes through a leaf? In your eyes and in your dreams the pattern makers weave, building the miracle of now. 

The rest of the rainbow made its way to the river. 

Tonight we watch the family of stars in all their glory blasting out the darkness and with a primordial fire in his eyes Black fell silent as a father to a newborn dream. 

Turn your face to the skyway Violet and catch the crack shot from the splintering mirror of time. The past is a broken skyline in a constant state of shattering that releases the lightning that plants new life, a sexual relationship giving birth to a new now.

Violet gets the last song feeling her belly taking a new heart beat from her early engagement with Reds long spear of form.

We all give rise to one heart beat and the death march to another, said Black. “INFINITY is their name and will give birth to Suns.”















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