The Light Society - Ch 6

CHAPTER 6: Mother of an Empire


Light flung around the young woman in yellow as she exclaimed, “I too am the mother of empires!”

The woman in blue, in her Camelot coat, as if beaten by the great waves of light, exhaled. "We are on a light ship. Someone could be driving the sun across the sky, between a hundred million stars, between them flickering ripples, the alphabet language of fish, reconfiguring galaxies in butterfly milk. 

“If it were possible to know what is beyond,” said White, “to pinpoint the location of other civilizations with the accuracy of a single atom." 

“My children, my warriors of light, I wish to illuminate the incomprehensible, the mirrors, the flying objects, infinite reflectors. I want to experience you experiencing pleasure. First we have to understand the shapes of each emotion. The whole world is crystallizing." Spurs of crystal visible in the dials of his eyes, speckled by the jeweled light. "Petrified beneath the layers of form, invisible prisms, the illuminated incubus. The sun itself efflorescent, cross hatched by a microscopic latticework that holds the planets in their web of light. Echoing phosphorescence reverberating off it a vibration, a kind of beat, the gift that made the pearl." 

“We are attempting to remove the narcissism of the human gaze, to view life from the perspective of the moon, and other bodies,” said White.

“I drew for you the clear sky over the freshest green like that very last dream, the clean caress of loneliness,” replied Black. "Beyond the the circular glass a disc of empty sky, an abandoned necropolis of dying suns. 

“We found our bliss in the abyss, as if through a maze of prisms semaphoring to some other dimension,” said White to Black being carried into the house.

“Marriage for love or marriage for children to maintain the hereditary land,” said White.

“It behooves you to wait and watch the rolling of the wind, the lusty stillness of nature,” said the man in green as Black was dragged off by the honey winged sun birds, their wings semaphoring to some other dimension, glittering a diamond sheath, like the back of an iridescent snake, reflecting the flaring light. 

“The ornaments of a great song, large bellied, the long mast of the dark bowed ship swinging to the fine stream of sound,” spoke the woman in orange.

Pulled from his unenvied thrown the man in black, courting peaceful sleep, escaped the land of men and light of day. He had been flawing his primal mind in the budding sun fire and so fled as the spectral serpent disappears into the shade to meet another in the halls of darkness.

“It is my duty to rouse the sea,” said Red staring deep into the eyes of the woman in violet on the grass.

“Upon the green hillocks in the after rain,” said Violet again taking him trumpet tongued up to the roof beams. "The dawn is illuminating the serpentine course of a rive as if revealing a secret pathway with arcs of rhomboidal spears rainbowing the horizon with a silent conflagration. This world is a house of jewels." 

“The whistling gift when two men kissing on the lips find the promise of a nightmare impaled on a cyclone,” said Indigo as he lay down near the couple, under the burning sun. Red turning to Indigo with harlequin eyes, aureoles of light suddenly passing between them. 

“The vespers of song, hair ribboned with tiny serpents, chariots of the shadowy falls, feasted in the open country, on this side of the river of rich white milk,” said Blue as she joined the three cutting up the land like jewelry, and ran her lips across their nakedness, as they witnessed this forgotten gateway to paradise scattering with wet jewels a scaffolding to reach the stars. 

The silky young men and women sat devouring the fruit of the land, which sprung from their trunks, breathing as to relish life, to shield it from the mid day sun.

“Watch her where she plays with her lights, in the violet shadow,” said White to the woman in orange. "Splashing about in the DNA of the dream, they call this cluster of bodies the egg of life. With a series of elemental chants, a water blessing, the star tetrahedron we can learn to communicate with extra terrestrials. 

“Feeling for the ever opened wound,” said Orange to the woman in white.

Gently the man in green put his fingers between her thighs from behind and whispered into her ear, “In the body of the great trembling serpent, we witness again the ballet of pale lips dropping milk honey, pouring from within an infinity of vistas.”

The seven adapting to the waves of heaven opening eyes wide under the watery twilight, drowned in pleasures well enough to die while the woman in white, grabbing limbs, flash danced to the pricks spiring and probing throats, occasionally dipping her hands back in the wet sand.

A tribe of people learning how to invoke constellations, for light ships to come and give them flight. 

“From seemingly robust underworlds we preach the gospels of light. We transmit the future,” spoke the violet woman sucking at the thick air while being penetrated and filled with Red’s warm glowing oil.

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