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Brent Pearson

Artist / Inventor


Sometime in December of 2011 we created a new art object: Future Eyes, optical aerobics glasses. These glasses were designed for accessing potential reality in multiple dimensions, and would come with a book called:

"The Light Society"

This book is essentially a dialogue between colors (a family of light) and contains mantras and prayer chants for activating the global crystal grid.

The experiential glasses were designed to unlock the language and visual identity of the book for the reader, as well as stimulate brain activity, by immersing the mind deeper into the experience, with a combination of mental stimulation and conscious sensory exploration.

Since then, this invention has been the genesis for new visionary art and can be seen at museums, art galleries, and festivals around the world. 

The purpose of this project is to stimulate the imagination and remind people that we all co-create the world around us with our thoughts; that with each thought we plant seeds for the world to come.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to take an active role in building a better future. By strengthening our powers of imagination and awareness through art, we hope to create a more conscious and compassionate world.   

Below is an art film we produced for our first deign: 

In 2014, after 3 years of working with the optical glass invention, we had an idea to make wearable crystal monocles in the shape of an eye, with a series of crystals set in them.  We wanted to create unique optical instruments specifically for photography, light play and optical aerobics.

Our first monocle design was a collaboration with furniture designer and artist Matthew Morgan in Topanga, CA. It was carved from one solid piece of walnut.


Our lenses are designed with optical-quality crystal cut glass in order to make wildly creative, multifaceted visual effects that represent the future of art.


We encourage you to take a moment and consciously recognize each facet of the world as one of your unique potential realities.  

You're choosing a path within an infinite number of possibilities, and these  transformational lenses help us to explore our perception of time and space — giving access to potential reality in multi-dimensions.

Experiential objects have the magical ability to expand your awareness while stretching the mind's understanding of what it means to see. 



Interview with Brent Pearson by Kate Eringer for Damaged Goods Magazine

future eyes wooden eye monocle kaleidoscope crystal

 "Imagination is the only key to the future.

Without it, none exists - With it, all things are possible."

Ida Tarbell


What future do you want to create?