Sold Out


Dear Friends of the Future,

Thank you so much for your interest in this project!  

We are offering our newest WHITE MAGIC KALEIDOSCOPE GLASSES to anyone interested in participating in a fun creativity experiment ::)

We are officially out of the FREE PAIR - However, because we love this project so much we are going to continue to offer them at the lowest possible cost - $7 a pair!

This pair is part of a project for an ongoing collection of videos about the future.

This discounted pair of either "Rainbow" or "Portal" glasses is a promotion in exchange for a small video from you talking about the future you wish to create. 


Here are some examples: 



  1. The video should be more than 15 seconds and talk about an area of the future that you care about.

  2. You agree to post the video on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, send us a link and tag @FUTUREEYES so we can see it. 

  3. With your approval, we will repost the videos we love the most!


The meaning of this project is to inspire everyone to imagine a better future while being honest about what they see happening in the world. 

Any questions can be emailed to: info@futureeyes.com


Feel free to share this page with friends, and have so much FUN!