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Ben Kersh future eyes crystal photo project



Ben Kersh 

I tend to draw my inspiration for my work from the stories of those I surround myself with, and from the beauty of the natural world. The high school I attend doesn’t offer any classes or programs for me to work on photography, so I’ve found myself working harder than ever before to find time to create. With this in mind, I would consider myself to be self-taught, as nearly everything I’ve learned about the photography process throughout the years  has been through trial and error. Despite this, my love for photography grows on a daily basis, and I’m finding new reasons to create every single day. To me, photography is an outlet for me to express not only my own feelings and emotions, but for others to understand their own feelings as well. Through photography and art as a whole, I’ve been able to express myself in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Throughout the years, I’ve found myself specializing in portraits and nature shots, as the two have become my favorite types of moments to capture. Currently, I’m beginning to work on a series documenting the harmful effects that humans have had on our environment, in hopes of bringing awareness and change to those around me.



ben kersh future eyes crystal photo project

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