Kendall Kranz

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Kendall Kranz - “Director, photographer, artist & visionary, Kendall Kranz is a multifaceted creator born & raised on the Central Coast of California. Kendall, 22, has always known her life purpose from a very young age. In 2017 she graduated from community college with a certificate in film & video production, although she is also very engaged in the world of psychology & spiritual healing. In 2016 she became a certified Reiki practitioner using her energy & connection to spirit allow herself to heal others. Enthralled with studying energy & existentialism, meditative states & psychedelic experiences inspire Kendall’s visual art the most. Combining realism with surrealism, Kendall’s work is transcendental & hypnotizing. “Creating worlds I wish existed.” She hopes her work will encourage others to follow the path toward enlightenment & dive deeper into the awakening of themselves.”

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