The Future of Emotional Intelligence (draft)

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The Future of Emotional Intelligence ( un edited draft )

What does our humanity feel like in the future? With all the advancements in technology for connection, and scientific breakthroughs in chemical substances that induce specific mental states, we are entering a kind of choose your own emotional adventure reality, on demand. Any kind of connection you want can be found within minutes.

Are you craving some fantasy experience? Chances are you can find it, its out there, and most likely not too far off. Locate a lover applications, every kind of intimacy workshop you can imagine, or same day delivery anything, robots, play toys and chemical / herbal sensory enhancements. Legal or not. It is available online to your doorstep same day in many cases. And are they actually helpful? 

To be fair, the opposite of immediate sensory stimuli is equally accessible. You want to detach from the mythopoetic maze, go on a psychedelic journey into the substrata of the mind, or summit Mount Analogue? There's a map for that online. Do you feel called to experience an at home ego death-like transformational experience? Search for a spirit guide within a five mile radius and in less than an hour a practitioner with an iridescence in the eyes will arrive at your doorstep and leave you a few hours later with a lifetimes worth of neurological (therapeutic) processing and hopefully an up leveling of your mind body relationship into infinity consciousness, in exchange for some money and a yelp review. 

However, with all this accessibility I can't help but wonder if the overflow of offerings helps us gain emotional stability or creates in our bodies a more delicate temper of nervous, frenetic energy, with a lack of gentle awareness. Could it be that practices such as applied empathytranscendental meditation, or the medicine of simply being in the forest in the end is more in service to the future of mental health and emotional intelligence. 

Could these areas of study be more healthy ways of combating the oceans of forgetful noise, the mania of media outlets incessant trumpeting of information. How much better would you feel after deleting some heavy software from your soul? 

In the future how do we wash our mental program to clear away the high pitched almost inaudible, but increasing loudness, almost inescapable ubiquity. The music of the spheres is climaxing in a metallic supersonic whir, and we are more desperate than ever to find repeatedly the quiet of the Now, this very small non-time space in the heart of time where the river flows without any rocks at all like wind in an empty space, or perhaps in outer space.

The mental effects of having a near death experience can be beneficial or harmful to your mental acuity depending on how you respond. These moments of increased speed of thinking with a simultaneous slowing down of time during what they thought to be their last moments, as if in an enlarged and spacious time-scape, has proven to have a rapid emotional up-leveling as if a blanket of equanimity has suddenly wrapped your memory bank finally, and thank god, to prepare you for the afterlife.

Martial artists moving at dazzling speeds with balletic deliberation and grace

Under the influence of certain drugs the reverse happens where we utter a sentence and before the end is reached the beginning seems already to date from indefinitely long ago, to spread a few seconds over many hours of ordinary time with a glacier-like absence of emotion. Have you ever completely forgotten what you were saying while you were saying it?

And then there's the supraluminal speeds reached by other psychedelics

Closing paragraph:

Thirst trapping

What if dating applications are making it less possible to find true love, hardening our emotional receptivity by eclipsing our body's natural technology to put us exactly where we need to be to find our true self. What if by simply letting our senses do the navigating for us perhaps we become perfectly magnetized to meet our truest reflection.





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