Dear Future by Alba Castro



Dear Future,

May you come into Being, and breathe in Freedom.
May you be able to roam and thrive in a welcoming and loving community, open to all. May you always be free to express yourself boundlessly, and remember that the ones that came before you did not always have the chance to do so.
May we have learned to confront our Societal Demons and done what was necessary to bring about resilient equitable societies for you to live in.
I hope you hear the whispers of Faith, reverberate through Life ⏤ as you create your Self and continue to break paradigms for newness to abound. The material waste we produced and damage we inflicted on Earth was atrocious and selfish of ourselves and our greed. I know we did not treat the Earth well. Yet, although We are to blame for the environmental crisis we are experiencing, I want you to know that there are also those who are already waking up and taking actionable steps to slow down ecological determination. I hope we act fast enough to preserve nature, its environments, and biodiversity. For us, but most importantly for you and future beings. I hope you get to see flowers bloom, and experience the renewing abundance of Green in wilderness. So you can feel plants and respect Nature as what it also is, art from within. I believe

Other Realities are Possible
Other Dreams are Possible
Other Worlds are Possible
If we trust in our collective Power.

I am no longer, but you shall continue the perpetual birth of Awareness.

Hold on to Love and nurture your Dreams,
For that’s how we keep living.

A Warm Embrace,
Alba Castro

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