Dear Future by Jonathan Perez


Dear Future,

In whatever time or space you may find yourself reading this, I hope you are doing well.

As of the time that I am writing this on Friday, December 25th of 2020, I think about how the future might have unfolded. Beyond the day, beyond the weeks, months, and years that I may not even be here. A time that we as a human civilization imagined would be filled with flying cars and hopefully a more just and equitable society. One where people are people, and act upon our commonalities as opposed to our differences. At least that is a future I envision. Not everyone seems to share that compassion or viewpoint here in the past/my present.

I live in what is known as the United States of America. Perhaps it still exists or has moved on to become something we have not even imagined yet. This country has had a long and complicated history.

Filled with a troubling and acrimonious tension between people from different generations and cultural/ethnic backgrounds. Some people say we are part of a different race but some also say we're all a part of one race; The Human Race. I hope we have at least gotten to that understanding.

This year in particular has been a very challenging time for everyone. America recently started seeing people speak up about police brutality and social/racial injustice. Loudly. Through protests, art, and social calls for action. At the same time the whole world has had to deal with a pandemic which not only upturned our society and economy, but our lives. It’s been heavy.

We're looking at a shift in so many different aspects. Society is demanding to be heard. Our sense of what is important and vital to our wellbeing is being put into question. We are finding cures for this pandemic while also looking for cures to our long and deep seated generational ailments. Plus, the world is literally heating up and seems to be taking a turn for the worse.

Maybe as you're reading this society has been able to fix a lot of these problems. Hopefully you have found a way to adapt or deal with climate change. Perhaps you've moved on to living in space and starting over again. Perhaps you're still looking. I don’t know and I can only imagine, but to be honest I find that very exciting.

We as a species have been able to come up with so many different inventions and solutions to our material and everyday life. It’s taken us years to get to where we are and I can only imagine if our ancestors could have envisioned how far we have come. I’m sure there would be people who would be disappointed in what we have become. I’m a little sad myself. I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else, but I like to believe that despite it all we have tried.

We have literally fought in the name of change. We have held on to hope in our own different ways and still woke up to another day. Some did not. Some people fell in the name of despair. Some took their own lives. Some had theirs taken away. (I had to take a moment to reflect and mentally pay respects to them.) Yet as a collective, we have survived.

I guess that’s where I find myself at right now as I write this letter to you in my room listening to ambient music amongst my thoughts, hopes, and fears. Hope. This possibly naive and wishful desire and belief that we can overcome this, because we have overcome so much before. Perhaps you find yourself in a troubled place. Celestial heavens forbid even worse. But I genuinely hope that you all find yourselves in a better place and have grown and learned to be even better then we as a species have before. And as silly as it may be, please allow me to ask you to forgive us. We have made mistakes, but we have also made progress. We have pulled each other back as much as we have pushed each other forward, and though I may only be speaking from my own self lived existence from one part of earth, I believe my words may ring true in some objective (if flawed and subjective) ideal truth. I’ve seen so much beauty even in a world filled with so much pain. I’ve hit the deepest emotional depths while also reaching high ecstasies of life. I’ve done as much wrong as I hope I’ve done right. Despite the nagging feeling that it was all for nothing, I’ve been able to find meaning in life. I’m sure others have too.

I wish I could be there in this projected world, but for now I will continue go as far as my body, heart, and mind will go. I hope you can too, and keep reaching for a brighter future.

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