Dear Future by Jo Cao


Dear Future,

To birth and being here now is what change or revolution is conversing to coexist with us in spirit, forms and matter of life.  We. Us. All. Together, shall be makers of the future for our purpose, brewing intentions and understanding the place where we come from, seeding intentional visions to bloom and create- 
To the future, I envision for fellow fathers, mothers, children, sisters, brothers and earthly beings, my great mother. We have the power to possess all of these entities, not who or what we think it means to be human. If so, how do we ever truly know what it means to be human or to reach our destination? 
When we turn our fair share of responsibility to others, we refuse to see the chaos we’ve created within. Amidst this chaos, with our ability to improvise, to honour the chance we are allowed to take on this gift, to cherish and treasure the choices we make wisely. 
When we fuel our perspectives to formatory thinking, we don't make conscious choices. For consciousness that sits with the light and your intuition, are you present now? When we delve deep in the ordeals of our suffering, our Whys turn to become our best friend. For the Whys and reasoning we pursue, it isn’t intentional thinking, rather the convenience of choices as we casually tick off our desired bubbles of answers. With this change, I humbly ask for your permission to cancel false illusions and invite yourself, to
gently sit within, surrender and question the change in letting go all of you, where I
become Us, we are One. 
We shall see the need to rewire the way we think for connection, the relation with an inanimate matter or the living identities. Work the deep work of our soulcraft, deepening our roots, sing the hymns of your deepest truth, forge like-minded community, to forgo what the current world taught us what right and wrong is. I ask to only ever follow your heart, that takes you to the light. Your light of truth, the sun and moon in you, the duality forces of change, work with yourself - the femininity and masculinity forces. 
We are beings of our ultimate truth and makers of divine creation within us. 
My love, you shall go through what it means to be the air, oil, water, soil and fire. Neither your future will ever be easy nor easiness is made for life. Power to you, your words are your mantra.
This life and next, it will be our voices and you will remember this, listen to your truth and for this, to create moon in oneself. 

From the lushest greens to the light of truth, what truth are you exactly seeking?

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