Dear Future by Talie Elizabeth

Dear Future,

I will not try to pretend I know what you desire to show us, but I will share with you a tiny bit of what has served me well on my thirty-something solar returns. And maybe some of it will help a future me, or a future you...

Bask in intuition.
Be gentle & kind to yourself & all beings.
Divine Intuitive Embodiment; this unfoldment is a soul’s precious work in human form.
Remember that to hold an affinity of infinite liminal spaces creates moments of joyous non-attachment and splendor; neutrality, the sweet-sour, the thermal in which to soar upon, the well in which to float within.
Curiosity quells judgment and jealousy.
Visualize the common ancestral golden thread which weaves continuously our Gaian nature; remember we are nature.
Love in action is alchemical.
Life is rife with pain and pleasure- don’t hold onto either too tightly or you’ll be surely disappointed.
Process is a potent path which does not always make sense, but it will make you wiser.
Pay homage to our elders- be them trees or rivers, birds or grandparents- they hold the silent secrets of everything and nothing; how we treat them is how we invest in our future. We are all just walking each other home.

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