CHAPTER 10: Earth Chant


Green passing beyond the limits of reason struck his face into the depths of the lake reflecting the night sky and with his eyes under the water he quickly saw the dragon fish swimming. His forehead swam out to meet it becoming a castle of light surrounded by a hierarchy of animal forms. 

White too dipped her eyes in the glowing lake and saw a man in a black robe asleep upon the throne of his soul playing a wooden flute toward the sky scrapers of sea weed while riding the great human fountain of dreams. "Isn't that man who sits at the thrown a little alone," she said to Black far away in his bed. 

All this waited under the lake's glass face beyond the heavy curtain of green and blue where the group had begun to dip their eyes. Each saw schools of glittering fish and tentacles pulsing with electric light and felt the friction of old and young. 

"All sorts of things are happening at night," said Blue

"How can it be, that something can move the heavens and not move me?" said Yellow. "How can we compare this kinder climate to such supple states of orgasm?"

"Don't saw off the branch upon which you sit," said Red. "Here the climate is sensitive to the sculptures of light that might stop a child's mouth from breathing."

"The dancer from the dance, may he be so bold, as to not do what he's told. I'm going back to the sand," Yellow said swimming to the shallows, and stepping heel to toe without waking the ground below, leaving the dark black pond. When she reached the beach she put back on her yellow robe. 

"Its a pity when women put on clothing," whispered Indigo to the night sky from far out in the water. 

"What a glorious woman, what a wonderful find, her beauty could be no further refined," said Violet floating naked her breasts illuminated by the canopy of stars. 

"He who lies alone in his sleep, stands alone in his dreams," said White floating face up on the surface gazing at the moon.

Yellow reached the beach just as the woman in orange emerged from the forest. "Where you not with Black in the jungle?" asked Yellow in the dark. 

"Yes. Can you imagine what it feels like, a knife wound, fighting with the quarrelsome ghost and finally crossing over, inoculated in the frenzy of rushing blood?" said the woman in orange. Dropping her robe to the sand to enter the lake. 

"Yes. How pleasant and unpleasant pleasure can be," said Yellow.

"Sometimes its nothing but barbaric sounds," said Orange with a smile walking toward the dark water.

"Yes" said Yellow. With a rush of blood rising to her pale cheeks the woman in yellow went to find Black.

"Look for the man who tricks himself to sleep just beyond the somber night," Orange said pointing toward the castle.

"Look into the deep and tell me what you see," said White to Red. "One must be a sea, going under where wisdom loves to fly."

"With the sword of my eyes I will sever all ties to the skies so the sea can bare its bosom to the moon," Red said slowly entering the water, slipping underneath. "Where reason equals no reason there is no ocean but a wild dream where one who could be seen to smile is also a raging furnace more beautiful than the sun. The ruins of the infinite night thrive, at the bottom of this garden creation." 

"I know of this world. I do not know of the next and here to many a penny can be more beautiful than the sun. A young girl may make a clever man's whole life." said Orange now entering the deep water. 

"You can disturb the universe, this much is true. You can disturb the universe, if it doesn't disturb you," said White. "There is more to man then breath.

"White, I see what you mean," said Indigo feeling the cold water move his body.

Red gazing beneath the surface, absorbed in creation, said, "In about the time it takes to roll yourself into sleep and into dreams, the muse visits," he said staring into the glowing abyss peeling the skin from a tree, the light tree for opening, and eating the dead sea fruit of dreams. 

"It must be something very different from a slip of the tongue, flailing the lips, to ride the great black horse, to die of the laughter," said Violet splashing, a very beautiful woman with very long fingers, the fallen divinity. "Some day the sight will be utterly horrifying." 

"It is spring and what spring does in pearls and twirls, Black you are unwise if she not be one of yours," said White swimming in the outer ring of the six talking to the absent woman in yellow. 

Green floated in the center of the group. Wanting to break oaths in the green meadows below where the people are unreasonable, where reason is left free, wanting his universal tongue to travel upon a ripple of imagery, capturing the lake's crystal palladiums in all their verve, its riot and unrest. "We must have more, the huge world is here and there and about, grasping at the shore," said Green. "There is no more torture or witchcraft trials, we've reduced that authority."

"All human beings are equal except the emperors so they may reform from above. We are the children of light imagining the reasonable nightmare, the dark galloping horse with his pleasure of doing evil," said Red.

"Because the night knows no lovelier light, no more magical mistress," said White. The group heard the words banging about her breasts, gossiping where there's no society at all, in a language universal in its rational modern state. "If properly bolstered I believe I could be the greatest voice of the 21st century.

"History seems irrational when the rich belittle the rights of innocent wealth. Aren't we all equal under the monarchy of stars?" asked Red. 

"Bliss may be a patient insight into the rapture, along with a great desire for it to come," said White imagining white light flickering upon a hospital bed, upon a wounded soldier at night. 

"The madmen in the belfry tossing about sound might one day push me down the golden stairs to where the cutting moon women are slicing up the sleeping masses," said Indigo

"Not for vanity but for humanity, under that black prick hanging from bells pointing toward the plumbless, from the sadness above, a ringing spell while some women spend breath to suck oily pollen." said Orange joining the circle swimming. 

The white woman drifted from the circle and began to swim toward the shore. When she reached the shore she put on her white robe and shouted across the illuminated lake, "I'll go ask Black about the incident and do you know what he'll say? He'll say only that it's a scandalous, scandalous world. Its delicious. It jingles. He'll say do what you will. Make magic hellfire and heaven your tradition. Be luxurious."