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Introducing the Eye of Venus

This experimental lens features the symbol of Venus with a lotus flower crystal.  It is the first in an upcoming Future Eyes planetary series.  Femininity is the most classic symbolization of Venus.  In classical tradition, Venus is the Goddess of Love in the sense of relationships, beauty, fertility, and prosperity. 

This symbol also represents a unification of opposites.  The top of the symbol is a circle representing openness and inclusion.  Continuing onto the bottom half of the symbol is a crux, a closing.  The symbol for the mirror represents openness and closedness; beginnings and endings; darkness and light.  This duality can be seen in the path of the planet Venus shown through our sky, as both the morning star rising before the sun in the east, or the evening star following the setting sun in the west; holding meaning for both the opening and the closing of the day.

  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • Hand Carved Brass
  • Custom Lotus Flower Crystal 
  • 40mm Crystal Lens
  • 33" Ultra Suede Necklace