Optical Aerobics

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Optical Aerobics is a postulated field of mental physics that focuses on exploring the mind body relationship to improve eyesight and visional awareness. Originally the concept was based on some experiments in a book by Aldous Huxley called "The Art of Seeing" in which he attempts to improve his vision by conducting certain ocular exercises combined with breathing patterns to form new neural pathways in the brain while strengthening the muscles around the eye.

By expanding on this idea with crystal vision technology we start to notice what happens in the body when we place a crystal to the eye. We begin to see certain mental phenomena that can be documented in the brain's response - new neural pathways are activated. 

It appears that by overstimulating a sense such as sight, we suddenly have an opportunity to expand and possibly evolve that sense toward gaining more ability. Similar to updating the software/hardware on a computer, we can potentially improve our organic processing power beyond comprehension. 

This project exploring crystal vision asks more of your eyes and mind, as if awakening them to new possibilities. Could it be that our bodies are more capable than we realize? 



Future Eyes

future eyes

Image by artist Morgan Loff

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