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How do we see all the possible outcomes, and how do we activate new realities of our own design?

Potential Reality is the idea that there are infinite possibilities in any given moment - infinite potentials - and by strengthening your awareness level, you also improve your ability to imagine all possible futures.

By exploring crystal lenses or other optical instruments, we allow ourselves the opportunity to open up a portal between the here and now and the visionary realms of the mind’s eye. We can collapse distances with telescopes and microscopes or in the heightened reality of a kaleidoscopic experience be transported from the worlds of memories into the fullness of now, by a process called Conscious Sensory Exploration

Like the white rabbit leading Alice into Wonderland or the cyclone that carried Dorothy to Oz, the architecture of a crystal lens rips apart space and time and offers up new arrangements. A crystal vision perspective teleports the mind through this reality into a space full of potential realities.

In a way, its the opposite of the observer effect, reversing the wave / particle phenomenon into a more Natural particle / wave perspective; we set the stillness in motion and the existential world bends to the will of the potential space. The unique patterns of the glass provide options for infinite reconfiguration of space-time, with new realizations, and reveal seemingly impossible states of existence. Portals and gateways open up in consciousness, new pathways form in the brain. 

The observer effect is one of the greatest mysteries in science, and increasingly more, we as a species are contributing our mental touch to what we see with what we think. It is one of the main functions of an awakened being: to create new realities. 

From Creator awareness - one who can see all past, present and future simultaneously - we can start to understand what it means to really see the future. What is the difference between imagination and seeing the future? By gaining access to this new perspective with perfect recollection for all of History also know as The Akashic Records, we can begin to truly see what is on the horizon, because we will know every possible out come. 

One might say that the main difference between seeing the future and imagining the future can be explained by a single word: Creation. Someone who can see the future can also create the future they are seeing.  

Here is an interview we conducted years ago on this subject with a very well known Oracle in Los Angeles: 

The more we explore this concept of potential reality, the more capable we will become at designing new futures. 

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