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Potential Reality is the idea that there are infinite possibilities in any given moment, infinite potentials, and by strengthening your awareness level you also improve your ability to imagine possible futures. 

Which ties in to information on Optical Aerobics

*From Creator awareness, One who can see all past, present and future simultaneously.

* The Aleph and the gateway to the Akashic Records (Auriel)

* What is the difference between imagination and seeing the future?

One might say that the main difference between seeing the future and imagining the future can be explained by a single word: Creation. For a Creator, imagination is part of a process where step one is the inspiration, and divination of the idea and step two is the actual creation in the physical world of the idea. 

This gives new meaning to the words "to see".

But what about the difference between prophecy and prediction. There are people who claim to be clairvoyant, or say that they are Seers and Oracles. How do they compare to someone who is doing statistical analysis, making prediction, playing a game or trading stocks? Great athletes predict the movements of their opponent based on previous experience. You can predict the orbital patterns of celestial bodies and the migratory patterns of birds, which are transferred at birth by way of energetic maps and patterns of information in DNA

Here is an interview we conducted years ago on this subject with a very well known Oracle in Los Angeles: 

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