The Light Society - Intro (Draft)





This book takes place around a vocal workshop retreat, guided by the elders of an independent musical initiative, for the advancement of community. This workshop focuses on the power of musical expression, with ritual performance, and ecstatic experiences to expand the mind by activating the senses.

For the workshop there is a song book that contains specific chants composed, in a channeled dynamic frequency, that when held in resonance with each person’s vibrational field, have the power to enhance sensual awareness.

The music of the voices have been transcribed into a dialogue between colors representing an orchestra of light, and red through violet are the temporary names of the people attending this vocal workshop retreat. This retreat is called the "The Light Society". The purpose of this workshop is to embody the electro magnetic spectrum by separating it into individual beings, who when chanting various phrases together, carry forth the wisdom of their color into the state of harmonic resonance. For the sake of understanding it visually, each person is named after the color they represent.

This experiential retreat has been funded by an environmental initiative that supports these groups singing together to generate harmonic communities. A phenomenon coinciding with the reduced interest in common religious gatherings, and conceptualized in association with the reformation of educational institutions. Essentially, they reclaim old church buildings and universities and activate harmonic resonance workshops, with a fund that purchases these historic buildings, and keep them from drifting into obsolescence. 

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