The Light Society - Ch 1

T H E  L I G H T  S O C I E T Y



Chapter 1 :: The Rapture of Now


“Welcome to the harmony gathering workshop,” 

said the man in black toward the choir sitting in front of him. 

“Together we will learn how to harmonize and cast our voices into the infinite. 

You are here so that you may see the great infallibility. 

You are here so that you may know the rapture of now.”


The group of seven sat in front of the man in black,

in the main hall, watching him closely in his black robe,

listening to his words as he spoke.

“Each one of you has been given a color 

and a crystalline optical instrument

to represent the harmonic frequencies of light.

I will refer to you by the name of the color you wear.”

The man in black caught eyes with the man wearing red and said,

“Red, have you always been brilliant?”

The man wearing all red stood and said,

“No, I have not always felt myself to be brilliant.”


“Thank you,” said the man in black.

“We must remember that the entire night sky

is as brilliant as the glowing Sun.

We are here for vibrant hypnosis.

Where your words are magic spells.”

“Now let us join our voices in an incantation. The first word that we are going to sing to remind ourselves that we create as we speak is Infinity. Please repeat after me: Infinity  

In • Fi • Ni  • Ty

He sang in a slow melodic way, gesturing for the group to join. “When we sing together, we are the sound, we can become invisible and visible, dissolving and evolving into infinity.” 

"In • Fi • Ni  • Ty"

The group now enthralled upon the harmonic wave. Black raised his hands to the sky in an exaltation, "When we harmonize with each other we access potential reality."

“Young woman in violet,” he said turning to her, Would you sing to us what you believe to be true in this world?”

The woman in violet stood from her place on the floor and took a breath before singing, 

“I’ve seen the men and women dancing naked till very late,
their tongues clawing the silent seas.
I have taken my teeth on to the evening’s breeze,
and there, in the deep, I have found the world to be a great mystery.” 

 “Thank you Violet,” said Black, focusing light from a window above onto the crystalline disk between his fingers. “This house is your home and we are a family of light, because only then will we have all we desire of the infinite. I offer you the colors of creation.”

In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

Black, after singing again turned his eyes toward the young woman in yellow, “Have you been wild before, galloping beyond the threshold of decency, threading out the night? Could you indulge us in a song?”

Yellow stood up and raised her voice to the collective.

“Like rain on a wound, stretched long against the sky,
I have drowned in the sea, and been crushed
under the hoof of a monstrous horse,
a pitch black mare, the evening’s beast and there
down in the fields I could see the darkness coming,
the great sculptor, where all the trees bend toward the sky.”

Yellow bowes slightly and sits back down as the group honors her with their eyes. Then Black, looking at her said, “As you spoke I imagined you curved against a doorway, your insides spread to the sun like ruby tulips, eating a ripe young fruit and drinking the breath of dawn. A sensual spirit with unequaled verve, moving in diamonds and plumes, before me, playing a tune perfectly octagonal. I hear you, with so rude a mouth, removing your clothes and turning over slowly in the light. I see your silver frosted hair. I see you asleep in the vegetable garden, letting your legs alight upon the wet night, above the green meadow, the weather moving pleasantly in streams of sunbeams. I see a sleeper upon the boat,” said the man in black to the woman in yellow.

In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

“Green, how did it make you feel?” asked Black turning to him.

“There seemed a fortune for the woman with open eyes,” said Green.

Black bowed slightly and turned to the woman in orange. What did you see Orange?” asked the man in black.

Orange closed her eyes and replied, “I’ve taken in my mouth the grooms and stable boys and have tried to husband the sun. Drunk upon the dead sea we talked oceans, our lips parted on the sofa.”

"And you, Blue, what did you see?” asked the man in black.

‘I saw her voice swinging over the crystalline forest, letting her ruby tongue over her teeth made of jewels. I thought, what is bliss if not this,” said Blue. “Overhead I could hear the formation of electric diadems. I could see her riding the vitrifying dew to the sun at dawn, moving past joy into delirium, dividing the sky.”

Yellow turned to Orange who was sitting directly next to her, “We gorged ourselves upon the ocean floor and found a fetish for the oscillating tones.” The two sitting next to each other turned to harmonize together, until their mouths touched in an echoing resonance.

In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

 “You are the now a spectral family of light. You’ve done with lips what lovers’ lips like, in the street, in the sun, in front of everyone,” said the man in black. “When we sing, and when we die, here beneath the featureless sky, imagine the crystalline forest, of bifurcating trees. Remember everything with ease, recalling the mornings of heaviest gloom with the lusty stillness of nature. We must light the lamps of night, and swim in the milky gentleness. We must be the historians of the ages to come."

In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

"To hasten this I bring you a gift. I’ve received a dimensional object from the woman in white, underneath the twin suns. From her place in the sky, I’ve seen her great fan of iridescent eyes, that draw you in with their cries.” 



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