The Light Society - Ch 1 (Draft)

The Light Society 

by Future Choir


Chapter 1 :: The Rapture of Now


“Welcome to the resonance workshop,” said the man in silver toward the group sitting in front of him. “Together we will learn how to harmonize and cast our voices into the infinite. You are here so that you may experience the resonant field. You are here so that you may know the rapture of now.”

The group of seven sat in front of the man in silver, in the main hall, watching him closely in his metallic robe, listening to his words as he spoke. “Each one of you has been given a color to represent the harmonic frequencies of light. When we sing together, new voices are born upon the cascading waves of sound, in prismatic overtones. Listen closely and you will hear the cruciform webs of light, forming around us a latticework of silvery phosphorescence. This is how we transform, in a chrysalis of vibrations, and give birth to new sensations. During this workshop I will refer to you by the name of the color you wear.” The man in silver caught eyes with the man wearing red and said, “Red, what do you know about brilliance?”

The man wearing all red stood and said, “When I think of brilliance I see in my mind an image of the Sun.”

“Thank you,” said the man in silver. “We must remember that the entire night sky is as brilliant as the glowing sun. We are here for vibrant hypnosis. To activate your resonant field. The sounds we sing carry with them magnetic potential. Please observe the circular pattern drawn on the floor. It is the seed of life, later we will learn about the vesica pisces and the geometries of sound." Silver paused for a moment as the group settled in to their location. "Ok, let's join our voices in our first vocal expression. We will start with a single word and resonate for as long as we can. Focus your energy in the center of the circle, imagine there is a sphere of golden light, and repeat after me, the word Infinity."

"In • Fi • Ni  • Ty"

He sang in a slow melodic way, gesturing with his eyes for the group to join. “When we sing together, we can become invisible and visible, dissolving and evolving into the resonant field.” 

"In • Fi • Ni  • Ty"

As the group entered their first harmonic wave, Silver raised his hands to the sky in an exaltation as they collectively chanted, "When we harmonize with each other we access potential reality, and solar energy. The sun itself is the gateway to other dimensions. Young woman in violet,” he said turning to her as the group chanted, “Please join me between the sounds with a new phrase.”

The woman in violet stood from her place on the floor and prepared herself to sing with black in between the groups chants:

“In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

“It is written in the skies."

“In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

"And it's written in your eyes."

“In • Fi • Ni  • Ty” 

“Thank you Violet,” said Silver, focusing light from a window above onto a crystalline disk between his fingers. “Please continue the prayer. When we sing together we become a family of light, and we have all we desire. I offer you the colors of creation,” Silver spoke, eyes closed, waiting for the chant to echo again, and then turned his eyes toward the young woman in yellow who was singing softly. Silver walked up to her and knelt down to whisper to her directly, “Have you felt your mouth choked with jewels and colored glass?“ he whispered. “Have you allowed yourself to exhale beyond the threshold of decency? Sing with us,” he spoke to the woman in yellow lovingly and she stood up and joined Silver, encouraged to send her voice loudly into the pulsing sound:

“In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

Yellow stood still for a moment, slightly adjusting in her new radiant skin, as the group honored her with their eyes. Then Silver, looking at her and said, “Immortality exists in the immediate surrender of our identity, that we hold so dear. As you sang I imagined you curved against a doorway, your insides spread to the sun like ruby tulips, eating a ripe young fruit, and drinking the breath of dawn. A sensual spirit moving in diamonds and colored glass, perfectly octagonal. I heard you, with so rude a mouth, removing your veils and turning over slowly in the light. I see your silvery tongue reaching to taste the wet night. Because of you, I have seen a shrine in the depths of the jungle,” said the man in silver to the woman in yellow. “Thank you, he said to her. Now, let us close our eyes and imagine the golden egg in the center of the circle hatching, fertilized by the music into a baby bird engulfed in flame and dazzling geometry. Do you see it?” said Silver turning to the man in the emerald robe. “How does it make you feel?”

“As I closed my eyes I saw an endless fountain of light and I imagined the wings of a Phoenix filled with some kind of life force,” said Green.

Silver bowed slightly and turned to the woman in orange. “What did you see Orange, amidst the crowd of radiating wings?” he asked her.

Orange closed her eyes and replied, “Our mouths were a single organism, an orgy of colored glass."

"And you, woman in Blue, what did you see?” asked the man in silver.

"As if teleporting on the sound, I saw my tongue made of ruby, swinging over a crystalline forest, like teeth made of jewels. I thought, what is bliss if not this,” said Blue. “I could hear the formation of chandeliers filled with light, filling the air with a celestial chimes. We were each birds in flight, and I could see us riding the vitrifying dew to the sun at dawn, moving past joy into delirium, dividing the sky.”

Yellow turned to Orange who was sitting directly next to her, “We gorged ourselves upon the ocean floor and found a fetish for the oscillating tones.” The two sitting next to each other turned to harmonize together, until their mouths touched in an echoing resonance:

“In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

 “Yes, that is the vesica pisces. The genesis pattern, or womb of creation. When two make three. You are now a spectral family. You’ve done with lips what lovers’ lips like, in the street, in the sun, in front of everyone,” said Silver. “When we sing, and when we die, here beneath the featureless sky, imagine the crystalline forest, a latticework of bifurcating trees. Remember the Song of infinity flying over the lusty stillness of nature. Our voices together lighting the lamps of night, with warm glowing oil. We sing the new world into being.”

In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

"To accelerate this evolution I bring you a gift. I’ve received an optical instrument from the woman in mirror gold, from her garden, a great fan of iridescent eyes, that draw you in with their cries.” 


(Toward the Fruit of Trees)


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