The Light Society - Ch 2 (draft)

CHAPTER 2: The Infinity Crystal


“What is the gift?” asked the man in red.


Black raised his left hand holding up a circular glass disk that flickered as it moved. By adjusting it in the sunlight, coming through a window high above the stone walls of their ancient modern cathedral, he could reflect the rays around the room, and into the eyes of the group. Myriad unique channels of iridescence scattered over each observer, silvered light flared and flickering to life like tiny stars inside the bevy of pupils, and a resonance was formed. A harmonic stillness.


“This is an infinity crystal and it does with light what we just did with sound. The infinity crystal is cut with a series of octaves in the glass. Exploring octaves with light and sound will teach you how to embrace timeless space. It is enchanting,” said Black turning it over slowly in the light. “Within this crystal infinity exists, it lives inside the folds and bevels of the glass, to conjure infinity from the prism, you only have to ask. Dear enigmatic illumination, id love to share a dream with you," Black sang into the jeweled glass, "A dream of infinite brilliance, of boundless love. Some of you understand the Crystal Field and how it transforms you, turning you from replicant to originator. Emanating a unique force field, resonant with the galactic wave. Everyone here is a creator, innovator, dreamer of worlds, or you wouldn’t be curious enough about this harmonic crystal technology,” said Black.

In • Fi • Ni  • Ty”

Black handed the crystal to the man wearing green as the echoing syllabic utterance faded into the distance, reverberating corpuscular light waves.

“We have all gone to that invisible place,” said Green just before putting the crystal lens to his eye. He then turned his face to the light above to catch the spiraling illuminations. After some time in a stare with the illuminations he smiled and passed it to Violet waiting patiently for her turn of the glass. 

“We have all gone to swim in the black sea beyond the sun,” said Violet as the funneling light entered the cupola windows. “I have turned my gaze to the infinite brilliance.” She said, a smile on her lips, admiring the wondrous infinity.

“Yes, Violet. It is all only a matter of distance traveled in the mind, of telescopic reality. However, in your desire to move fast you might find first the supernatural event horizon.” said Black.

The crystalline object was handed to the man in indigo. “I see,” he said adjusting his iris to the incandescent prism. “Amidst heaps of jewels, and heavy robes there stands a gardener among his plants quietly ready to swallow all.”

Blue stood up curiously, “I wish to lay one day, fireside near the outcast of light, astride near the hip of the earth, a scarecrow amidst a crowd of wings, an angel of the Gardens of Babylon.”

"Do you know the ancient song bird who sings alone near the stone trees, near the honey milk, with a ferocious flame dancing on the tip of her tongue?” asked Black witnessing the crystal being passed to Blue. “Blue, would you reveal your wound that makes the great waking tide?”

“Some nights, I melted optical instruments, between my thighs, naked under the watchful eye of the moon, and save for the candle and chair my soul was bare." replied Blue. 

“The sun never sets in this house but is wound about the sky. Remove your blue gowned and we shall run naked across the sloping beach, howling across the sloping beach,” said Black to Blue. "Sing with me,

"There are angels among us,

Leading us to the gardens." 

Blue stood up removing her robe and said to Black, “The songbird hunts in the rainbow forest, seeking the mistiest fortune.”

"There are angels among us,

Leading us to the water." 

As the group joined in the man in red began feeling for the outside world with his eyes. He got up from his place on the floor and began to walk toward the back of the room, toward a large wooden door, his mouth watering with hunger, or for some other experience. When he reached the back of the room he turned toward Blue, and whispered, “When the moon and sea meet on the shore we will eat her flesh.”

"There are angels among us,

Leading us to the gardens." 

“This house, this ancient cathedral, edged by the crystalline forest with bodies of glacial water, stelliferous falls, and wild fruit gardens, is yours to explore endlessly without fear of ever being told to leave.” said Black. “I’ve traveled to town and seen the rows upon rows of children without clothes, the foxes on the hills pulling arrows from the earth. That is where, so elegant I caught her, where the chorus girls were, crossing the spine of the afternoon. Blue,” he spoke to her. “Do you recall White singing underneath the stone fruit trees?”

"There are angels among us,

Leading us to the water." 

She nodded and said, “I sat and ate with you on the huge sea wood, with my hair wet and braided, wearing pearls and plumes.”

“I remember there were berries on your lap and suddenly I found my otherwise slumbering horse a single breath from death,” said Black.

“It is not impossible to recall,” said Blue, as she danced naked closer to him. “Or the butcher in the high plains and the remarkable number of people tasting his flesh. I breathed it in while leaving the market with eyes whipping and beating the milky clouds carrying all the food for the evening’s feast,” said Blue.

“That night we all dined on flesh and on each other,” said Indigo to Blue, who was now laying on the floor beneath Black.

The man in red went out of a large wooden door in the back of the room. Once outside, he sat down on a bench in the arcade and there he heard in the silence the sound of running water, and a flute in the distance. He began to breathe deeply. The song faintly being taken over by the woodwind. 

"There are angels among us,

Leading us to the gardens of Babylon."

Violet sensing the calm outside decided to stand and walked away from the group toward the back door following Red. She left the house and walked over to sit down with him on the bench. She turned her head to Red and said, “I’d really like to share a meal with you.”

“The dew has been falling outside. The ground is sufficiently wet,” replied Red to Violet.

Violet turned her hand up to Red and said, “Follow me. I’m following the smell of honey.” She started to smile. The man in red gave her his hand and they walked down the arcade.

They found a naked young boy in the garden out back carrying a tray of grapes under the heavy clouds. They sat and ate together and suddenly there, within the view of a moonlit forest she opened wide her mouth and took him, rosy faced under the olive trees. “Better than in a railway station,” she said while kissing his lips. 

“We have all been, at some time, the subject of eyes golden and otherwise emerald green,” replied Red, removing Violet’s robe, revealing her naked skin.



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