The Light Society - Prologue (Draft)

PROLOGUE: "Future Choir"

 Opening sequence:

A young woman, wearing a violet colored silk, is seen moving through a series of physical gestures on the grass of a metropolitan recreational nature preserve. These motions had been taught to her recently as part of the Art Of Invitation rituals, designed to initiate someone to the resonance workshop series, of which she was a part. She had been practicing them for some time and now feeling more confident in the movements. Her hands waving in slow spiraling formations as if catching and holding sun light. 

She had learned these movements in the workshop as a way to achieve harmonic equilibrium before singing, with the intention to give more truth to the expressions.

(Whenever there's a new initiate joining the The Light Society they always start by wearing the color red, because it is the first frequency of the electro-magnetic spectrum. Once each vocal expression is completely learned the initiate becomes a master of what is referred to as harmonic resonance.)

The woman in violet, while embodying the first movement in the sequence, was slowly moving in the direction of the young man laying in the grass alone in this scenic park metropolis.

The young man had been occasionally writing in a leather bound journal, in contemplation of the clouds and sky above, peacefully sketching new shapes in the warm summer afternoon. On the cover of the book was a drawing of a coiled snake, eating its tail, and outlined with a holographic iridescence. He in that moment lifted his head and caught sight of the young woman in violet silk still focused intensely on a series of physical movements, and noticed that she was approaching closer to him. They made eye contact for the first time. She gracefully slowed her movements and came to a bow. 

"How are you?" she said, after raising her head. 

"I'm very well. Thank you for asking. I've just been watching the sky, and noticed your movements. Can you tell me about them?" 

"They are a series of moving mediations, inspired by the reflections of the sun," she said with a kind of musical tone. "Would you like to try one?" she asked him.

"Sure," he said, standing up from his place on the grass.

"Ok, stand facing me, and follow my motions," she told him, and they reproduced the first sequence, which was an ovular shape, circling around the head and twisting the spine, swinging the arms, balancing from left to right, in a welcoming gesture, with open palms. "That is the first one," she said with a smile. "It is vital that while you are doing the movement your thoughts carry a pure intention. Imagine it as a dancing prayer." she said. 

"That's beautiful," he replied, after a few moments of following her motions. "Thank you for sharing it with me," he said, and they bowed to each other. 

"A group of friends are sitting just over there. I would love to introduce you, if you have the time," The woman in violet said to him in a confident and gentle voice. "Are you free to come over for a moment and say hello with me?"

"Yes, I am. Thank you," he replied with a smile. "What is your name?" he said to her, still enchanted by the experience of moving together.

"I'm Violet," she replied with a grin. "Do you like music?" she asked him, starring closely as if in remembrance of something familiar, and reached her hands out, with palms open and fingers pointed up.

"Yes, very much so," he replied, placing his palms on hers, their hands touching for the first time. "Music is essential to my well being," he said, with a light hearted grin.

"Yes. Music is a creative energy forever braided with the fabric of existence. Music and light, and color. How do you feel about doing a color experiment together?" she asked him. 

"I'd love a color experiment with you," he replied, enjoying the sudden theater of the moment. The two took a breath together in appreciation of the slight wind and the sunshine. They looked into each other's eyes again, more deeply, and felt their attraction growing.

Violet took a step back while observing his hands. "Ok, well today, you represent the color red," she said directly, with a deep exhale, "and I will be the color violet, and we will make music together. If that's alright with you?"

"Yes! Thank you for this invitation. That sounds like a beautiful way to spend the day," replied the man as he picked up his journal and began to follow Violet as she started walking backwards, and then turned in the direction of a small group sitting in the grass. As the they grew nearer to the group they began to faintly hear their voices and instruments playing in a slow rhythmic melody. 

As he entered closer to the the group he noticed that each person was wearing a colorful robe. There were six people sitting in a circle, and in the center was a disk with some diagrams written on it. He saw a large compass with directions engraved around the circumference, showing a full lunar cycle, and figures that resembled an astrological chart. He also saw the symbols of a snake and a lightning bolt. Violet guided Red to his place next to her in the circle where there was a robe waiting for him. The woman next to him, wearing an orange robe nodded in a welcoming way, as he lifted the red robe from the ground and put it on over his clothes. The woman in orange then handed him a small booklet with the words "Future Choir" written on the cover. "Open the book to chapter one, she said, and he opened the book to the first chapter, and the group also turned their pages to the opening chapter.

The book was a kind of song book, and the first chapter contained a phrase that they started to chant together with the words, "I Can See The Future," repeated over and over with a certain melody, but as the chant continued, each person took turns exploring various harmonies, starting at unique intervals, as the rest of the group held the main phrase.

While this was happening they were passing around a wooden bowl. "It's cacao with golden teacher mushrooms," whispered Violet while passing the bowl to him. "If you feel called to drink," she said quietly close to his ear. He held the bowl in both hands and took a small sip graciously while the group sang together, and after he passed the bowl to the woman in orange and entered back into the chant.

After a few moments the psycho active effects started to surround the group in a soft hallucinogenic spiral of color, a sensual atmospheric field of light and sound.

For some time they sat immersed in the song, and Red closed his eyes, entering a dreamlike world of shapes forming and reforming to the music. When he opened them, he was the only one singing, and the group bowed to him, just as the sun was beginning to set. There was a moment of silence and then the group decided it was time to go meet the one they called Silver, and Violet requested that Red join the group and they all agreed.

Each person introduced themselves to him kindly, and then began walking in the direction of a place they called Infinity House. Violet reached for Red's hand and said, "It's not so far, maybe ten minutes. You should really meet Silver. He's a a music teacher and a very magical spirit."

"I would be honored to join you," he said naturally, looking into her eyes, not hiding his attraction, and they turned to follow the group as the clouds were just beginning to shift a pinkish-yellow against the clear blue sky. 

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